For Anyone Who Wants to STOP being last...

Be your Best Self-Advocate

...Find the freedom to be you & learn secret negotiation tips & strategies

Claim equal space and get your voice heard...


This workshop will teach you in bite-sized micro lessons (at your pace):

  • 6 different strategies to claim equal space and get your voice heard
  • ​C-level leadership habits of presence
  • The foundation for confidence

Learn on your own and in a safe space with this hybrid workshop.

Learning Format:

 At your pace bite-sized learning 

Learn at your pace with workbooks and guided learning delivered daily to your inbox over 10 days.

Real-Time Practice

Practice in real time with peers to get new skills and habits.

About the workshop and real-time practice:


Here's the Breakdown of the Be Your Best Self-Advocate Workshop

  • ​​7 at your pace Learning Sessions: Delivered to your inbox where you can watch the mini video, and complete the mastery worksheet
  • ​​Peer Practice: Connect with other peers to integrate your learnings in a real-time practice session when the mini-learning ends.
  • ​​Access to the Course Material Secret Vault: Get access to the digital recordings at no extra charge.

What you'll take away:

  • ​6 specific strategies you can employ to be seen and heard
  • ​A strategy straight from the White House staffers secret archive that changed the balance of power in favor of women
  • ​Discover the common blockers and what will get in your way to being your best self-advocate

Here's the Breakdown of the Workshop

  • At your pace learning: Learn to apply new skills daily. [$250 VALUE]
  • ​Peer practice coaching: Work in real time with a coach and peers to apply the learning. [$350.00 VALUE]
  • Access to the Secret Vault: Access to the secret digital vault to brush up your skills. [PRICELESS]

That's Over $600 in Value, but you'll get it all for $50 if you act NOW.

You've got questions?

I've got answers.

What's the investment?

The program is valued at $600.00

Get it now for $50.00.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final. I want you to be fully committed to 5-10 minutes a day on yourself. Research shows that when we pay for stuff, we are invested.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll get a message from me welcoming you to the program.

You'll get an alert on the 11th of July that the course is available.

You'll get a message from me with the calendar reservation for our real time meeting.

You'll get a reminder that our real-time meeting is about to occur.

You can join the real time practice or watch the recording after the session. (Allow at least 48 hours for the recording to be available.)

When is the real-time session?

July 25th at 0900 EST / 1500 CET
Other dates TBD

When does it start?

Purchase now and the course drops on the 11th of July

What if I miss a session?

Not a problem! You'll have everything you need in your inbox.

We'll have a mid-way learning pause to give you a chance to repeat any lesson you missed.

You'll also have a few days before the real-time session to catch up on any missed lessons.

The in-person session is recorded and distributed within 48 hours. 

Ready to Be Your Best Self-Advocate?


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Be your Best Self-Advocate Workshop
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