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Your Business Acceleration opportunity...

"Make $5k+ a Month in your Coaching business, 100% risk free ...

...join Me on the Road to Five Zeros!”

Create The Life, Freedom, And Career You Want in the Coach Business Building Academy!

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Limited Spots Available

If You Want To Rapidly And Massively Boost Your Income And Get the Freedom You've Always Desired Then Work Directly With Me (Dr. Lizette Warner) And Meet Other Elite Professionals in The Business Building Academy on the road to five zeros!

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What Is The

Business Building Academy?

The Academy is a Business Building School  teaching new business skills for like-minded coaches who are ready to stop doing the stuff that's not working... Instead we start learning transformational business skills, making progress in our businesses, getting support and accountability to lift our role and our paychecks... and live the life we've always wanted!

And I Want YOU To Be Part Of This Exclusive Course!

Why a Coach Business Academy?

Coaching schools prepare you to coach, not to be successful in the business of coaching.

I grew my Coaching Business working part time and I hit 6 figures while other coaches were struggling. I read that certified coaches were making less than non-certified coaches and then a coaching veteran shared a  report with me that showed over 40% of graduating coaches were no longer coaching after 2 years and the majority who were on the road to being a full time coach were still trying to figure out the transition to business owner.

Starting any business is tough but starting a coaching business is tough because it requires a certain amount of skills and training that on the surface seem counter to coaching. 

Hear from some Academy Students!


The Road To Five Zeros ($X00,000)

Was created for two reasons:

– Reason #1 –

Breaking Through Barriers: Breaking 3 figures in coaching is easy but breaking past 5 figures and into 6 requires a framework, commitment, and support not taught in coaching schools.

You will learn the framework needed to break through any barrier, while having the community and support you need to get to your next level.

– Reason #2 –

Massive Accountability: You're the average of all the people who surround you. Make sure you're in the right surroundings.

The people on the Road to Five Zeros have the dreams, desires, and ambition to succeed. Each of us looks to learn the skills to realize our vision with accountability.

Here's the Breakdown of the Road to Five Zeros Program

  • Business Building Academy Foundations: From your why  to what  to how — you'll get a kick start towards building your business the right way.
  • Business Acceleration: Platforms, logistics, processes, budgeting, mindset and your unique entrepreneurial biomarkers to help you take your business from first gear to being a well oiled machine.
  • Marketing to Nail your Niche: Copywriting basics to craft your signature pitch, attract your dream client, and build your signature voice.
  • Creating your intellectual property: From lead magnet to lead offerings, you'll understand the basics of intellectual property, how to begin to craft your specific offer AND how to price it.
  • Pricing and Selling: Yes we learn about pricing and how to close your sales.
  • Next Steps and Accountability: Get accountability to make the leaps your business needs to generate revenue.

Even if right now, you can’t say you 100% Have It figured out... 

it’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created The Road to Five Zeros Program within the Business Building Academy: a course for hardcore business owners that want to get their goals across the finish line. 

You need more than a coach credential and coaching skills to be a successful business owner.

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Additionally, When You’re Part Of The Business Building Academy

Not Only Do We All Study Hard, Build Businesses Together, And Implement

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We Bring Learning and Skill Building For REAL Business Success...

Running a business to a thriving business...

Requires new skills, and habits but instead of just winging it, you can have a framework to guide your growth.

Here's the Breakdown of the Road to Five Zeros

  • Business Building Academy School: 12 weeks of training  to kick start your progress, done at your pace. Video group calls have been recorded and included. [$14,097 VALUE]
  • ​Kickoff call with Lizette: This kickoff call is (BONUS when Paid in Full) to give you a gameplan to execute with ease. [$997 VALUE]
  • One Q&A call a month: Meet with Lizette in office hours for high level strategy and specific topics to help you elevate your business [$ 12,250 VALUE]
  • Accountability: Make progress beyond the training period with 12 months of accountability. [PRICELESS]

When You’re Part Of The Family,

You'll not only learn the Skills and tools needed to build Your business, You'll get some incredible bonuses!

Here’s a glimpse at some of the Bonuses that are part of this program ... and what you can look forward to when you’re part of the Road to Five Zeros!

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Get Clients Fast Frameworks and Plans

You'll get THREE different frameworks and THREE different 30 day plans to grow and get clients FROM SCRATCH, without having to become a bench coach. 
(A bench coach is a contractor who hires their services out, getting a fraction of the pay — the coaching firms or agencies get the lions share.)

This workbook is completely tactical in nature. It'll give you three different ways to attract clients and build your client base from NOTHING.

Valued at $850.00

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Vitamin B12 for your Business Building Mindset

Get your Business Building Mindset workbook as a bonus after joining the program.

This workbook is filled with mind changing prompts that one client said: " My Vitamin B12 made the difference for me today!" 

Valued at $375.00

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Coaching

A Social Media Marketing Strategist session to help you craft your signature marketing playbook. This BONUS session is FREE to participants of the program.

Valued at $350.00

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100% 1 Year Access to the Course

Show up to the sessions, do the work, and get an extra 1 year access to the course content and modules and access to new modules as they are created.
As content is upgraded, or new modules are created, you get that for FREE.

This alone is worth the price of admission to the program.

Valued at $3000.00

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Done For You Templates

Are you an experiential learner? I am. That's why I give away templates so you can have an idea of a starting point.
Get an email welcome series template crafted for you to modify and make your own.
Get a lead magnet template ready for you to use.
Get email prompts so you can easily reach out to your prospective and existing clients using your voice. 

Valued at $350.00

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One to One Coaching Calls

Get a private intensive Let's Get Started Fast, call with Lizette Warner, PhD. (A BONUS when paid in FULL)

Get THREE lightning calls for your accountability and to measure progress for you with Dr. Lizette Warner.

Valued at over $1,690.00

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Fellows Program Invitation

Get a guaranteed invitation to the the Fellow's program, a monthly expert forum and coaching practice ground where you'll learn things like new pricing, negotiation, or sales strategies, how to use AI in your business, how to create courses and so much more. Plus the Fellows practice together the strategies they learn so you can implement what you've learned easily.


That's Over $25,000 in Value Plus over $5,000 in Bonuses ALONE, but you'll get it all for way less (like 3/4 less).

That's not an inflated value or fluff.
Anyone who knows me knows two things about me:

  • I am into getting serious results for my clients.
  • I love to give.

The Road to Five Zeros

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step “Leapfrog” For Business Success

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Now’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to LEAPFROG Your business.

The Road to Five Zeros takes the guess-work out of building your business. You'll learn the skills and knowledge you need to make progress and get your questions answered.

  • Stop wandering and wondering what to do
  • End the guess work.
  • Remove the open questions: what do I have to do to get clients, do I niche or not, how can I find clients, how to have my clients WANT to work with me and so MUCH more

So when I say,

THIS is the way to get your Business Launched and Growing and reaching the level of success in your business you want...”

I really mean it.

I wrote a book because I was trying to help clients solve their problems without me. 👉

My mission statement: To create a world of powerful, poised and present people.

💡 I realized if I can equip business owners and coaches to be successful - You GUARANTEE my mission.


I thought my mission was → to help other clients.

My mission is HUGE 👉 to help business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs help others.

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Here's why that "maybe next time excuse doesn't work"

You've decided that your tired of not knowing how to get clients or how to price your coaching and you want to hit the ground running with a fool proof plan to grow and build your business with ease.

You don't want to waste another day Googling and guessing where your clients are, what systems or structures to put in place to support your business.

You know it's going to take time to build the business of your dreams. So commit to the long game and start NOW if you want to grow your business by the start of 2024.

The Road to Five Zeros is Totally Calling Your Name if You...

  • Aren't sure how to find your clients or price your services. (My 1:1 — invitation only business clients —learn to close their first clients as high ticket clients and Road to Five Zeros students learn how to raise their rates!)
  • ​Aren't currently landing clients with a sales close rate greater than 70% — "Wait, what's a sales close rate?"
  • ​Aren't yet making $5-$10k a month, minimum. This is just the beginning. You can scale higher than that.
  • Are highly coachable and ready to implement strategies in your business.
  • ​You have your credentials and skills to coach or are in the process of getting them
  • ​You want cash to flow in effortlessly
  • ​Want to go from starting out to​ booking
  • ​Have the ultimate goal of upgrading your lifestyle and bank account
  • ​You do well with tough love because I am into serious results for my clients.

Here's my tough love for ya

Stop being the reason you're holding yourself back.
You can do this. You deserve this.

After coaching as a side gig and working full time while starting up a coaching business, I made 6 figures (working part time coaching). Yes — part time! Oh and I wrote a best-selling book.

I had coaches coming up to me, looking for help growing their business. I declined, emphatically because I wasn't into coaching coaches. 

Then the Almighty made me realize if I can make coaches successful, I guarantee my Power, Poise, and Presence Mission. 

Shortly thereafter I took on my first business client, she got 5 clients and started the business she was too scared to start. A few short months later she quit her full time job.

The success has mounted for my clients, but I keep seeing the same blocking issues come up over and over again.

We somehow think we can't be successful until all the stars align to some magical reality that doesn't exist.
- Until I have the time to dedicate to this. (Trust me you have enough time - that's not your problem.)
- Until I figure out where to get clients.
- Until I get the right certifications. (You can build your business while you're getting certified.)
- Until I have my business set up with a website and logo. (You don't need either.)

You are the reason you haven't hit success yet. Stop. Just stop getting in your way!

You CAN do this!
Plus with me by your side, there's no way you'll fail.
All you have to do is believe in yourself and go ALL IN!

You already know the Road to Five Zeros is THE Program for beginner and growing coaches to scale their businesses to $5-10k a month, but let's be double sure...

The Road to Five Zeros is NOT for you IF...

  • ​You want to keep figuring it out on your own and you have the time and money to spend on that looooong game.
  • ​You want to keep working for someone else and have that 2 week vacation, 2% raise and safety of being 2 weeks away from unemployed.
  • ​You want to keep coaching for someone else, always being one day away from having NO clients because let's be honest the coaching firm can release you at any moment.
  • Asking and getting help scares you.
  • You have no idea how to coach or no idea what your business is. The Road to Five Zeros assumes you have the coaching skills and simply lack the knowledge and skill to build a business to support your business coaching goals.

You've got questions?

I've got answers.

What's the investment?

I've got several options but first let's ensure you're a good fit and we can review the payment plans that'll work for you.
My aim is for you to make back your investment before the program is complete.

Minimum levels of engagement are $5k with most of my clients paying between $15 and $35k.

Will you guarantee I succeed?

I will work with you until your make back your return on investment. I won't let you fail.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope, and neither should you. I apply the same principles I will teach you. It's your responsibility to implement these principles into your business.
I will work with you until you make back your investment, for free.

Any Tax Benefits?

As a matter of fact, YES. Business Coaching with Lizette is 100% tax deductible and a professional development expense so there is no reason why you shouldn't join. 

Will I work with you directly, Lizette?


When do I start?

You'll get access to the course as soon as you are fully paid or we arrange a start date, for Empire Builder coaches. 

Not a beginner coach? Want to scale to 6 figures and beyond?

Click apply. We'll talk about solutions for you or check out the Fellows Program here.

What if I'm not a coach?

The business foundations you'll learn apply to business owners, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers. Click apply and let's talk.

Not all Coach Business Building Academy students are coaches. Some are speakers, consultants or social media business owners. The course program material is geared to coaches but the business principles apply to any business owner.

You still here?

You know you're going to apply so click the button already and let's get going!