For Coaches Who Want a Profitable Business...

Starting any business is tough. 

...join Me As a Business Academy Fellow For a group of people by your side ready for anything

Why Be A Business Academy Fellow?

Being successful in business is no accident. Set yourself up for success with massive business transformation.

Imagine having a sticky business question? Who do you go to for advice or input?

What if you had a resource that would help you understand the value you bring to your clients, price it for profitability, help you understand how to position, price and place it with your clients, help you negotiate with your ideal clients for a profitable and fair price and help you create passive avenues for income?

Don't wait until you are struggling to seek help.

The Business Academy Fellows Program

Learning Format:

 Mastery Sessions

Ten monthly live group meetings where you will learn the masterful strategies for growing your profits. The program is centered around how to master winning, pricing, negotiations and valuing for transforming your business and Fellows learn how to package intellectual 

Massive Accountability

Each mastery session will be with other Fellows to discuss the learning, share your business struggles and advice, encourage and hold each other accountable in your business.
You will apply the learnings to your business with the assistance of your 1:1 business coach.


Here's the Breakdown of the Fellows Program

  • Business Building Academy Mastery Sessions: These are private group sessions with other fellows to learn essential advanced concepts in pricing, proposals, negotiations and value for business transformation.
  • Fellow Mentoring: Connect with other Fellows to integrate your learnings.
  • Visioning and Planning: Get a private invitation to the Yearly Fellows visioning and planning session exclusive to Business Academy Fellows.
  • Accountability: Get accountability and peer support to make the leaps your business needs to generate revenue.

Fellows don't Have It 100% figured out, but...

we Have the Support to Break through Barriers

the Fellows program covers Advanced Business Transformation Mastery

You might be a Fellow if You...

  • Want to figure out how to increase your business profitability. 
  • ​Pricing confuses or puzzles you.
  • ​You've spent time crafting proposals that didn't win you business.
  • ​Are growing your business with solid business principles but want to monetize your intellectual capital.
  • ​Want to stop wasting your time doing unpaid work such as crafting proposals. A core guiding​ principle in the Fellows program is we don't do unpaid work! We get paid to write proposals. Come learn how.
  • ​Or you are in or have graduated the Coach Business Building Academy​.

The Topics the Fellows Program has in Store:

  • Pricing Principles: Charging More as a Coach Begins with Understanding the Key Pricing Principles that will Forever Change the Way You Think About Pricing 
  • How to Price Every Engagement: Rules to Generate More Money in Your Business Proposals
  • Profit Beyond the Billable Hour: Pricing Strategy for your Profitable Business
  • Selling the Idea to Launch: How to Create and Sell Your Own Online Course or Program
  • Negotiations: Weeding out Clients and Getting to an Engagement Agreement
  • Implementing Your Radical Business Model: Proven Strategies to Align the Interest of Your Firm with Your Client's​
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We Bring Accountability For REAL Business Success...

...and we also share incredible, bonding experiences where we can connect, network, and create long-lasting supportive relationships!

Relationships are the KEY to a thriving business...

Your group will walk with you on your business success and hold you accountable to your commitments.

Here's the Breakdown of What the Fellows Program does for you

  • Builds Business Mastery: Pricing, negotiation and closing mastery to increase your profits. [Individual result vary but most earn $100,000 and up]
  • ​Stop wasting time: Learn the difference between valuable and non valuable work. It's not what you think it is. [You'll gain 5-20 hours per proposal you research and craft and learn what you should do with that time instead to maximize profits]
  • Get paid to write proposals: Earn money while writing up your proposal. [You'll make $5k and up]
  • Develop your course or program: The best income is passive income. We'll work on the principles and craft your course or program accordingly. [You'll make $1k and up per course or program, depending on you.]
  • Annual visioning and strategic planning session: Meet with Lizette for high level strategy and vision planning to help you elevate your business [$ 1250.00 VALUE]
  • Accountability: Make business and professional progress with 12 months of accountability. [PRICELESS]

When You’re a Fellow

You'll not only be part of a Select Group but you'll get these bonuses...

product4 jpg


Get Clients Fast Framework & Plan

You'll get magnificent frameworks and a 30 day plan to grow and get clients FROM SCRATCH. This workbook is completely tactical in nature. It'll give you one clever and unique way to attract clients and build your client base from NOTHING.

Valued at $250.00

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Business Academy Fellows Gift Box

Get the Exclusive Business Academy journal, pen and gift set. Not available for purchase anywhere else.

Valued at $350.00

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Invitation to the Fellows Yearly Celebration

Get your personal invitation to the private Fellows Retreat. This yearly event is where we meet in person for wellness checkins (business and personal), collaboration, connection, and milestone celebrations.


That's Over $100,000 in Value to You and your Business

A Business Academy Fellow

Are you ready to “Leapfrog” your Business Success

I wrote this book because I was trying to help clients solve their problems without me. 👉

My mission statement: To create a world of powerful, poised and present people.

💡 I realized if I can equip business owners and coaches to be profitable - You GUARANTEE my mission.

That's why I created the Coach Business Building Academy.

But what happens when students graduate? We needed a way to constantly support students and veteran business owners to continue to make business progress regardless the problems. Problems come up in any business. They are to be expected.

How you handle those problems, can make or break you.

👉 That's why the Fellow's program exists. It exists for YOU.

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Here's my radically vulnerable message for ya

You've got questions?

I've got answers.

What's the investment?

Did you see that 'select group' statement above? I am picky about who joins our Fellows because ours is not a transactional relationship. If you want that, I am NOT the business coach for you.

For qualified clients, the current minimal level of engagement is $1,500 per month with most clients investing between $20-75k per engagement.

Why is it so expensive?

I practice what I preach. Some of my owners make 6-7 figures as a result of our work together. 

Let me ask you: Are you saying if an owner makes $175,000 as a result of our transformational program, $1.5k a month is too much to pay for that result? Think about that! As a monthly percentage, my fee would amount to 1% of what the owner achieves. A waiter makes more, 15-20%.

The value I bring to my clients is far more than a waiter's. You'll find my rates are fair for both myself and my clients. 

Do you offer refunds?

Nope, and neither should you. Fellows commit to the program for the engagement because you are committing to yourself, your business and your Fellows group - not to me or the Academy.

What's the Fellows program?

The program is a Business Mastery learning and accountability program for Coach business owners. The Fellows meet monthly as a group and individually with the business development coach.

The monthly mastery sessions are where we meet to learn and master different business mastery and implementation practices.

Do you offer discounts?

The price quoted is the lowest price available. 

I will learn, experience and possess more knowledge to help you with your business as time advances. Therefore expect future rates to increase.

When do the Fellows meet?

Fellows meet during the monthly mastery sessions for up to 90 minutes and individually with the business development coach.

When do we start?

Apply to the program. During an interview we'll determine if you qualify. Once you pay and sign the agreement, you'll be invited to the Fellows program, receive the invitation to the Mastery Sessions and learn how to book your 1:1 sessions.

What if I miss a session?

Then quite frankly we don't want you in the program.

The learning is concrete sequential so you can build upon the concepts and implement them in your business.

The program is subject to change. We may opt to hold a workshop to learn the material at one time and implement sequentially.

You may learn the material in one to one sessions. The group mastery sessions are still valuable because this material is tough to implement. It is business transformational, therefore learning opportunities, even repeat learning is priceless.
All Fellows sessions are recorded. 

Is it worth it?

Instead of "Is it" insert "Am I". Are you worth it?

I am selective about candidates for this program because I am not a Coach business development factory. I am relational, hands-on, and invested in my business owner's success. 

As my star pupil (on the road to 6 zeros\2 commas\$1M) would say, "Lizette if you were teaching how to make lemonade at 3 in the morning, I would be sitting at your feet with my notebook and pens ready to learn. You tell me when, and I will be there."

I look for compatibility with my existing clients. So if I say "no", it's not personal. I will honor the group before the possibility of additional revenue, stemming from another principle my Fellows learn. (This principle actually guarantees profit.)

You still here?

You can keep looking or letting fear control you, but you're only delaying your success. Click on "Let's do this!" to get you started!